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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein


Spreading our services for 7 years we provide a complete set of integrated solutions for all your marketing needs, Emails, Display,Analytics, Technology Monetization, Social Media, Traffic growth, Targeting and Enhanced Web Experience.

Advance Mobile Advertising

We understand the needs and expectations with your e-commerce business and with the expertise and work experience with leading e-commerce companies we can make marketing strategies and product placement that will ensure a big push in your business in target market weather it be local or international.


We at Gyanwave are a one stop solution for all consulting needs required by businesses. We do process auditing and acting as a consultant to improvise and streamline your business strategies so that you can always get optimal performance from your workflow.

Data Science

Data driven companies understand how important is the management of their big data and always have an urge to increase its potential with existing data points and resources. We at Gyanwave with our expertise and experience in data science assist these businesses by building the data science technology algorithm according to the current marketing environment and hence accelerating their potential to new heights.

Web computing

We understand your computing needs as small business, startup or Incorporation. We ensure that businesses get the best suited computing enviornment accoriding to their requirements and get the optimal level of performance when the workload demands with our flexible computing solutions. We are available as backbone of support to ensure you never face any downtime while you are working on taking things to the next level.

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