What we do Built for any kind of activity !


Our expertise is to enable best technology solutions for any business process and to increase effectiveness, reduce cost and improve resilience and overall performance.


A complete set of integrated solutions for all marketing needs, Emails, Display,Analytics, Technology Monetization, Social Media, Traffic growth, Targeting, Enhanced Web Experience.

Website Designing

Websites that directly connect with the customers and arouse their interest about your organization and help you grow your business.


We perform process auditing and act as consultant to improvise and streamline the work-flow.

Mobile Advertising

We let your App immediately reach to worldwide audience and get thousands of impressions and clicks faster than anyone else.

Web Computing

We construct small and medium size computing environment for Small Business , startups , Incorporation. We have hands on experience with cloud , virtualization and upcoming technology.

Become an Affiliate

Sign up on our Affiliate network Supari.in and earn money with the help of your friends and family.

What we ServeAll about our passion.

  • Gyanmail

    We supported over 500M transactional and promotional email via our robust API. We are serving 250+ customers with CRM Automation

  • Mobile Advertising

    With our massive worldwide database we promote your App or Website by displaying it to all the Smartphones , OS or any location of your choice.

  • Supari

    A plateform where we serve over 1M unique visitors on monthly basis to Ad-networks and Merchants Globally in all vertical of businesses.We work as Publisher with all leading agencies.

  • Computing

    We design infrastructure for web computing needs. We perform great with Amazon,Cloud and Google Engine. We have 24*7 support available with NOC.

  • Creatives

    Optimized Email creative, spiffy animated video creation,articulate info-graphics based design and sublime Logo creation are integral part of our highly skilled creative team

Our CustomersThanks to all

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